4 Great Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Using Gift Certificates

179960983I’ve been using gift certificates in my practice for years! And they have been an invaluable source of new patient acquisition.

Selling gift certificates to your patients can not only be a source of immediate income, but it will attract qualified new patients into your practice.

Autumn is upon us and that means the holidays are RIGHT around the corner! WOW! Where did the time go?!

It’s a good time to start thinking about how you’re going to promote your practice for the holidays and beyond – especially using gift certificates.

Here are 4 Great Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Using Gift Certificates

  1. Begin where you know best – Start with your family and friends. When they are getting ready to prepare their gift lists, ask them to think about who might enjoy a gift certificate for your services. Let them know that if the recipients don’t schedule within the year, buyers can use the gift certificates themselves. Don’t forget to offer them package deals if they buy a quantity.
  2. Promote packages to both your active and inactive patients. Offer them a free treatment for themselves if they buy more than two or three.
  3. Think about who may need your services and offer them a gift certificate. Think about your old friends, co-workers, neighbors, and your cousin’s, sister’s best friend? Offer them a free mini-stress reduction gift certificate with the option to upgrade for a full treatment, at a fee you can live with.
  4. Trade with neighboring businesses. Walk around, or drive around your community and take note of all the businesses within a 5-mile radius. Exchange gift certificates with them – hair salons for gift certificates, oil changes for gift certificates. You get the idea. Give them gift certificates that offer a free mini stress reduction treatments in exchange to something they are willing to offer. In this way, you can share other great gifts with your patients, spread the word of other local businesess and network while you are at it!