Blogging for Your Offline Business

Not many offline small business owners think about using a blog as a way to attract new customers to their store. Actually blogging can be much easier than trying to set up a more traditional type of website. It is a great alternative if your business doesn’t really need a huge website with a shopping cart and all the trappings.

Take a look at how any online business markets their products and services. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t apply these same tactics to your offline based business.

A blog is a great tool for interacting with your readers. You can share stories, tips, information, videos, podcasts and more. The only twist for you will be that you are discussing your offline business on your blog, nothing wrong with that!

Another huge benefit of adding blogging to your offline marketing business is that you can build a list of leads. These would be people who may at some point become a customer. Having a list of leads allows you to send out related information about your offline business. A great example of this is if you offered a “Customer Meet and Greet Day”, or if you were offering free samples. You simply email your list and let them know to come by your store that day.

Your goal with your blog is to drive traffic back to your offline physical location. With an online business your goal is to drive your visitors to an offer or to an online store.

Using tools such as video and pod casts is another marketing method for your business. When you have a new product in your store, create a quick video of how to use it. Then write a blog post about it to share with your readers. This is a much cheaper alternative than paying for expensive radio ads.

Another idea for video is for highlighting your business. It is a fantastic way to allow your customers a look behind the scenes.

If you run a fitness club you could highlight the trainers or a portion of a fitness class. This way people can see what the fitness class is all about.

All of these videos can be posted on your blog, where your readers can ask questions and leave comments. This can also give you an insight into any problems or issues your customers are having. They may be looking for a specific type of exercise or product. Once you know this information you can update your inventory and provide them with the solution.

So look at blogging as a viable tool for your offline business and write your first blog post today.