How to Set Up Your Google+ Page

Google+ is Google’s own social media network. It’s designed in a similar manner as Facebook and other social media sites, but has a few unique advantages. First of all, Google+ is integrated with the world’s number one search engine and all of its other products. It also has added features like Hangouts, which allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers. Google+ Pages are designed specifically for businesses.

Create Your Google Account

The first step in creating a Google+ account is to create a regular Google account if you don’t already have one. If you use Gmail, YouTube, or any of Google’s other services, you already have an account that you can use for your Google+ page. One account can be used for all of the company’s products, including Google+.

Once you’ve created an account, click on the icon at the bottom of the left side menu bar that says ìPageî. You’ll then see a link at the top right that says ‘Create a page.’

Getting Started

The first step in creating your page is to choose a category. Categories include:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Brand or Product
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

It will then ask you for your business’s name. When you enter your name, Google will check to see if there’s already a listing for your business anywhere in the Google product network. This may sound strange if you’ve never made a profile anywhere before, but on some sites like Google Places, customers can create a listing for you. If a customer has decided to review your business on Google Places, you may have a listing already. If you do, you can claim this listing and take control over it.

Basic Information

Once you’ve created or claimed your listing, fill in basic information like your address, email, and contact information. There is a field for you to enter your website’s URL. You’ll also be asked to set privacy settings. For your business profile, make it public so that as many people as possible can see it.

After you sign the Google+ Terms of Service, Google will confirm that you’re the actual owner of the listing. It will call the telephone number attached to your account to verify. Once this is done, your profile will be live.

Finishing Your Profile

Once your account is verified, you can add your public information. This consists of a tagline and a picture. Both of these can be changed at any point later on. The tagline contains ten words that describe your business. Obviously, this tagline needs to be quick and to the point. Look at the profiles of other similar businesses to get ideas and try writing several taglines to choose the best one.

Your picture is extremely important because it is the avatar that other users will see when you interact with them across all Google products. Use your logo, your smiling face, or another image that is instantly recognizable.

After you’ve finished your profile, Google+ will give you the option of adding everyone in your Gmail contact list to your circles. Depending on who is in your contact list, decide which people to add to your circles. You will gain more followers later on by interacting on the site and building your profile.

Google+ Best Practices

There’s no way to set multiple admins on Google+ like you can on Facebook. A way around this is to create a Gmail account that can be shared by everyone who needs admin access. You can give this account’s password to everyone who will be administering page.

The main advantage of Google+ is that it’s connected to all of Google’s other products. Social media is all about connectivity, so connect your Google+ account to your website and blog. You can easily create a custom badge to put on your website or blog just by going through your Google+ profile and clicking on ìLink websiteî in your About tab. Site visitors can instantly like you, add you, or share your content by simply clicking on this badge.

Google+ isn’t as intuitive as some other social media sites, so take advantage of the tutorials and other resources.

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