How to Set Up Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the world’s biggest social networks and your business needs to be there. It’s a place to share news and information with your customers in real-time. Twitter is also great for keeping your customers up-to-date with news, promotions, and anything else that’s going on with your business.

Defining Your Purpose

The first step to creating a Twitter profile is to set out a clearly defined purpose. Twitter won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know what you want to achieve with it. Do you want to generate leads? Connect better with your customers? Brand your business through Twitter? Offer coupons, deals, and promotions? Look at the tweets of other companies in your industry to get ideas.

Selecting a Username

First, give Twitter your name, email address, and password. It will then ask for your username. It’s always best to choose your company’s exact name. Even if you don’t plan to use Twitter, you should secure this name before someone else does. Many major companies and celebrities have had their usernames taken before they had a chance to claim them.

Your username can only be 15 characters, so abbreviate if your company name is longer than that. The most important thing is for your username to be simple and easy to remember.

Profile Information

You’ll then need to fill out your Twitter profile, but don’t worry, there’s not much to it. Your introduction can only be 160 characters long, depending on whatever Twitterís latest rules are. Since this is so few, make it short and sweet. Try to communicate what your business is about as concisely as possible. Aim it at customers and use a friendly tone. If you need ideas, look at other profiles.

Twitter Images

Next, upload your picture. This should be a picture of your logo, you, or something else recognizable that tells people on Twitter that it’s you. Make it the same image that you use in your other marketing materials.

You also have the option of adding a header and background to your profile, which is highly recommended. Get creative and use something that communicates your brand message, because this will be visitorsí first impression of you.

Finally, add a link to your website or another profile. You only get one active link on your Twitter profile, so make it good. For most businesses, this is their official website. If you really need to put in two urls, you can add one of them to your Bio, but it will leave you with very little room to write anything else!

Twitter Best Practices for Businesses

Tweet before you go on a following spree. Make sure to populate your account with about ten tweets before you start following other users. If you have no content, you may look like a spammer. Your content gives people a reason to follow you back.

It’s best to grow your list of followers slowly rather than all at once. You may be tempted to grow your list immediately, but instead, try to gain about three new followers at a time. Follow them, interact with them, and get to know them before gaining new followers. This way, you’ll know your followers better and have a stronger connection with them.

Get into a regular routine of tweeting. It doesn’t take long since you get so few characters. Most corporate accounts tweet around twice a day. A good way to find things to tweet about is to look at current events or what’s trending in your industry. Since everything on Twitter is in real-time, experiment with different times for your tweets to see when you get the best response.

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