Month 12 – Giving Back

Objective: Did you know that one of the most powerful things you can do to ensure and speed your success is to give?

This might not make complete sense at first. How can you succeed by wasting time or resources by “giving back”? Giving back to people is one of the best ways to generate good will. When you “give back” you build stronger relationships – business or otherwise.

It also helps with your personal satisfaction and happiness. Giving back is a key to happiness. Happily working towards your goals is a huge boost towards your success.

In our final month, we’ll be exploring the power of giving.

The Vision – Goals Exercises

  • Each day give someone in your life a compliment.
  • Help out two people this week – without being asked first.
  • Research a person or an organization that could really use your help.
  • Find a way to help the person or organization above.

Your workbook will have a complete description of each exercise. Go there to record your answers.