Month 2 – Motivation

Objective: Success has everything to do with motivation. One of the most important things anyone can do is find out what truly motivates them. If you remain motivated, you can achieve almost anything you want. It’s no mystery. Achieving your dreams takes more than dreaming; it takes commitment and consistent hard work. Motivation is the key to day in and day out commitment and consistent hard work.

When your thoughts, feelings, and actions are congruent or aligned toward one purpose, you will be motivated to achieve that purpose. In month 2, we’ll discuss several techniques for developing and maintaining motivation.

The Motivation Exercises

  • Practice daily visualization.
  • Identify people who inspire or motivate you
  • Take some time for yourself and unwind.
  • Commit to motivational exercises

Your workbook will have a complete description of each exercise. Go there to record your answers.