Month 3 – Accountability

Objective: What does accountability have to do with success? Everything. You see, if you’re not accountable for something, you’re not accountable for fixing it. No one can have it both ways. Either you’re pitiful (a victim, everyone else is to blame) or you’re powerful (a victor, you are responsible). You can’t be both. Most people are afraid of taking very much responsibility — they might make a mistake, be embarrassed, suffer a loss, etc. But if they won’t risk taking responsibility, they won’t earn or be entitled to any rewards and they certainly will never achieve the success of their dreams.

This month we will explore accountability, taking responsibility and the best way we can boost accountability – an accountability partner!

Accountability Exercises

  • Take some time to think of people who could potentially be your “accountability partner”.
  • Settle on an accountability partner and list your reasons for choosing them. Also list how you can help each other.
  • Fill out the Accountability Partnership Agreement in the workbook.
  • Discuss your goals with your accountability partner. Agree to some deadlines with them.

Your workbook will have a complete description of each exercise. Go there to record your answers.