Month 8 – Time Management

Objective: Successful people know how to manage time. There’s no success without it. Do you feel that you’re as busy as you can be but not getting where you want to be and not achieving even a fraction of what you want? Everyone has heard the expression, “You become effective by working smart instead of working hard.” Well, yes, but how?”

This month you will learn some strategies and techniques that will build your effectiveness. Your ability to plan, organize, and manage time is critical to your success at work and many other areas of your life.

Time Management Exercises

  • List your time wasters.
  • Identify your 3 worst time wasters from above.
  • Check out your goals list from week one – any potential time traps there?
  • Fill in a calendar and plan your next few months

Your workbook will have a complete description of each exercise. Go there to record your answers.