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488652833Are you looking for some solid tips and tricks on how to write a bio for your ‘about me’ page, your Facebook profile, your free report or e-book? This post will give you a number of great ideas and principles to work with when crafting a biography that will help build your brand authority while attracting more followers to your valuable content or even your business opportunity.

Video is powerful when used at the right time and in the right way, but video is quick and people are not too interested in hearing your life story. When you learn how to write a bio that works, you can use it to spend more time telling your story and talk more about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It is important to learn how to write a bio that will grab people’s attention. Luckily, most everyone is inherently selfish to some degree; we are all looking for ways to improve our life. People subconsciously think “what’s in this for me?” or “what can I get out of this?“ within the first few seconds of landing on your page, so you will need to grab people’s attention and then keep it throughout. This is your bio but it should have an underlying feeling of value and benefit to your readers.

Learning how to write a bio starts with your opening statement

The most important aspect of how to write a bio that really grabs peoples attention is of course with your opening statement. This is the first hook, so you want to start off with something like (I’m going to show you how you can…) or use (how to…) or pose an intriguing question like (do you make these mistakes?) or (who else…?). Try to think of something catchy that peaks the readers curiosity. Make it powerful and do your best to include some benefit to your reader within the first paragraph.

Your introduction is the key aspect of how to write a bio that really works

Now you want to craft your introduction. This is where you connect with your reader and let them know a little about you. When I was learning how to write a bio for myself and putting together the various aspects that would make it stand out, I found that the best strategy is to simply tell your story. Don’t write out your life story, just tell them a little about you… your name, age, where you come from, your previous jobs or career, your hopes and dreams… Tell them relevant things about you that can help others relate with you, like your goals, interests, and commonalities. Let them get to know about you, your background, and the experiences you have been through that led you to be involved in what you are currently doing.

Learn how to write a bio that draws people in by identifying and establishing a problem

Now that you have learned the basics of how to write a bio and you have laid the foundation and gotten people involved and interested in your story, you want to keep them engaged. It is time to identify and establish a problem. Describe the situation you were in that was creating discomfort or pain in your life. What happened to force you to say “that’s it, I’m going to do something about the way things are and make a change“? Tell them about the pain that forced you to make a change. You can say something like “that’s when I knew that things had to change” or “I knew there had to be a better way” or “I had to do things differently”. This will demonstrate positive qualities like leadership and  initiative.

The next step in how to write a bio is to give a benefit or solution to the problem

Alright, now we have grabbed peoples attention with an opening paragraph, we have given an introduction into our lives and connected with our readers, then we identified and established a problem or situation that needed to change. At this point in your journey of how to write a bio, it is time to give a benefit or a solution to the problem and save the day. This is where you demonstrate leadership by telling your reader about the solution to your problem.

If your reader relates to your story and you implement the skill of how to write a bio correctly, you will be indirectly giving them a solution to their own problem which is most likely very similar to yours. Try to answer questions like: What did you do to resolve the problem?, Why did you choose to take the path you did?, What was going through your head at the time? Make sure to give plenty of benefits… Remember that this is your bio, but it is for your reader so always keep in mind how your bio can help them.

Now you want to give a clear call to action as the final step in how to write a killer bio

By giving your readers what you have found to be the best solution to your problem, you have also given them a possible solution for a similar problem or situation they are facing. Now it is time to give a call to action. When putting together the aspects of how to write a bio that fits for you, I think you will find that using a call to action in one form or another will help keep your readers engaged through till the last sentence. Let them know that you understand and relate to the problem they are facing and the situation they are in and you know where they want to be, which of course is on the other side of that problem.

This is where your new skills of how to write a bio all come together so don’t be salsey at all, just try to think along the lines of… I was like you (struggling, etc…), then I did this…(made change), now I am where you want to be (happier, richer, thinner, freer, etc…) And you can do or have this too by (taking desired action). Don’t mention your specific company or product, just keep it simple and be genuine by saying something like “I’m getting great results with this…, go here to check it out.”

This should spur your imagination and give you many great ideas on how to write a bio that will help pre-qualify prospects while finding the people that relate to you best and also the people you would most like to work with.

Now for a handful of extra tips on how to write a bio really stands out…

  • Separate your sections into headlines using bold text to make it easier to read
  • Keep it long enough to tell your story but short enough to keep them reading
  • Relate to a broad group within your niche… relate to the masses
  • Relate to your readers pain and pleasure to motivate them into action
  • Write as if it is to people that know you well
  • Don’t try to impress people, learn how to write a bio to just build trust
  • Be congruent with everything you say… be real, honest, authentic, and genuine
  • Be subtle, romantic, seductive, fun, funny, and witty
  • Make people want to come to your party (solution, opportunity)
  • Hypnotize your readers…be the wizard, the leader, the authority figure
  • Brand yourself and create an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable
  • Engage people and help them connect with the brand (YOU)

These tips and strategies on how to write a bio should help you out in many ways. You should realize that there are many people out there on the internet that are all competing for attention. Many people still seem to think that they can get away with quickly throwing up a few sentences and a picture and make a million bucks through some poorly written capture pages or even worse, spamming email lists. It is more important than ever to develop a quality brand by taking the time to provide real substance.

Your personal bio or story is your chance to let your readers know they can trust you. Learn to deliver more value and great information than anyone else and you will succeed. Consistently give excellent content to keep people interested. Solve peoples problems and find a way to help others to meet their needs. Remember, success is a process and a journey, not a destination. With all these tips, tactics, and strategies on how to write a killer bio, you should be well on your way to creating a personal bio that attracts all the right people to you.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to ignite your creative writing process

  • What was the pivotal moment that shifted you from your past profession, to where you are now?
  • What do you like the most about providing the type of healthcare that you offer?
  • Write about one of your most satisfying cases that you worked on.
  • What motivates you to go into practice everyday?
  • What type of training do you have?
  • What is your speciality?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

We’ve included an example below that you can use as a resource while you create your new page.


And now a little about my story…

I was born in Aspen, Colorado and grew up deep in the mountains with my mother, father, and sister in a small town which consisted of about twelve families. During those years, up through high school, I spent my time wandering around the mountains learning about and discovering the natural world. After high school I moved to Montana and put myself through nearly four years of college before finally deciding it wasn’t for me. I spent most of my time in college exploring the mountains while studying and reading books on various subjects that had little or nothing to do with the classes I was taking… I simply had no idea what direction I wanted to take in terms of a career.

Trapped in the rat race

Like so many people, I struggled for many years trying to figure out how to not only make a living doing something I really enjoyed and be able to learn and grow in positive directions with in the process, but also create financial success and abundance while achieving the freedom I desired and cultivating the life of my dreams.

I had a few good jobs, but I remember so many years that just felt like I was running on a hamster wheel for eight to ten hours a day just to earn enough to make it back to work the next morning, a short weekend, and then back to the grind. I remember how I used to get extra motivated when I had a lot of work and could see the potential of making a little extra that month. Then I would fight traffic all the way to work and all the way home, make it through each day, and by the end of the month I would just break even.

The paradigm shift

After several years of this feeling of being trapped in the “rat race” I began to realize that the old ways I was brought up with were just not working anymore. I could hardly bear the thought of living my entire life that way (a life of quiet desperation). Something had to change, I needed to do things differently, there had to be a better way. The old paradigm of  going to school to get a degree, get a good job, get a yearly advance, move your way up the corporate ladder, and then depend on a pension and retirement was simply no longer viable. I came to the conclusion that any “job opportunity” was just another dead end job.

Whether you are making 20k a year or 200k, the rat race is still the rat race, the only difference is the size of the cheese.

Breaking the chains

I caught the entrepreneurial bug over seven years ago and then proceeded to spend the next five years struggling to figure out a way to build a successful business. After running a few separate business start-ups into the ground and getting into over 40k in debt in the process I reached a real turning point in my life.

It was during that difficult time that I began to transform myself in a new way; my mindset, my attitude, and my perception. It was vitally important for me to let go of my limiting beliefs and begin to build new more empowering ones. I came to recognize that I am responsible for all the good and the bad in my life, that I am the creator of my destiny. I looked at my life and thought “if you don’t have what you want out of life, if you are not living the life of your dreams by now, when?

Success from the inside-out

It seems we need a real hunger to make a change and to achieve success in any area of life. It’s been my experience that you must feel that discomfort, that real discontent, to find the drive that takes you to your dreams. It was finally time to step up, become proactive and take complete responsibility. I stopped listening to and taking advice from the people around me that had not achieved the results I was looking for and did not live the life I wanted and started to seek out advice from the most successful people I could find.

Over the next few years I studied many success concepts and personal development techniques and that’s when it finally really sunk in that it is from self knowledge that true success is built, from the inside-out. I started to really work on myself and began to take steps each day to get closer to my goals. I read dozens of books and watched movies on personal development and wealth creation and I listened to thought-provoking speakers on the drive to and from work. I used all the tools I could find to somehow propel my self to where I wanted to be.

Leverage and the power of the healthcare

After building the necessary inner foundation, I soon came across the idea that I want to share health and wellness with more people and focus on mastering and honing my healing skills. I knew that many people were needlessly suffering from so many common ailments that could easily be helped with alternative medicine and natural healing.

I noticed the medical landscape was changing worldwide and realized that a majority of people had begun to leverage the power of alternative medicine. I realized that a healthcare business was just as real as a brick and mortar business and had the potential to be a hundred times more powerful and a hundred times more helpful in changing lives.

Success… I finally found what I was looking for and began my studies at XXX school.

Living the dream

We can have, be and do anything we desire out of life and are only limited to our creative mind, it is our decisions that create our destiny. I believe we all have a spiritual responsibility to make a difference, a moral and ethical obligation to strive to reach our highest potential and become successful in life by sharing and adding value to the world. Anything less is simply selling yourself short, robbing yourself, the people around you and ultimately all of humanity.

I believe that what truly brings about a fulfilling life is constantly growing and cultivating yourself while remaining focused on helping others to get well and stay healthy. It’s interesting that the more people you help, the more successful you become, and in turn, the more value you can bring to the world to help others.

My commitment to you

I am committed to always sharing the highest quality of healthcare, while promoting a lifestyle of balance and health. I am committed to your development as a patient and your ability to create a healthy, happy and more balanced life. I aim to conduct my business in a socially conscious way and strive to build success in others through a holistic approach, in harmony and with a deep respect for the human spirit. I am dedicated to the continuous growth and development of my fellow healers, my self, my patients and my practice.

Join the movement

More and more people are waking up and beginning to realize that we are connected beings of inherent power, wisdom and limitless potential. We have the ability to create our own healthy realities and the life of our dreams with every thought, emotion and action. Life does not have to be a struggle. We deserve to live happy, free and fulfilled!

We are all given the same intrinsic ability to manifest our health and dreams, the same 24 hours a day and the same ability to choose how we spend our time. We can either be working towards our goals or letting time pass us by. It is very important to get clear about what road we choose to walk in life and plan out the actions we take on a daily basis to get us there. Making the choice to take personal responsibility for our own success and begin to move in the direction of our highest ideals is a very important and empowering first step to freedom.

It is extremely important to take a holistic approach to life and maintain balance for long term well-being. I will not only provide conscious and loving care, but I will teach you powerful tips to obtain and maintain your health and happiness. I will share with you many concepts health that will help you evolve into a a balanced and healthy individual and help you to fulfill your larger life goals and dreams.

I look forward to serving, coaching and helping you to achieve the healthiest life of your dreams.

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