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Not a job, but a Passion. Massage therapy and bodyworks contribute to health and well-being, both physically (pain relief and sports enhancement) and emotionally (stress management and mental, spiritual relaxation). Amazingly, there’s still a large population that do not know the benefits of massage therapy and bodyworks. The passion, knowledge, and experience begins now and with YOU. The massage therapist does where many hats. The role of the massage therapist to, not only, perform the therapy but also educate patients and non-patients on the “body of knowledge” for massage therapy, the evaluation / diagnosis process, and benefits of massage therapy. An excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and passion is by sharing your success “story” of being a massage therapist.

Below are areas that can help you understand “How to share your success story on becoming a licensed massage therapist”

Why I became a massage therapist
In this section, highlight a number of important factors why you became a massage therapist. Suggest that you select your top 3 reasons and focus on explaining them.

For example, massage therapist have the opportunity to help people every day they work. We are well aware of the fact that people get very stressed out. Massage is an excellent source for stress reduction and when you train to become a massage therapist, you have the ability to relieve the stress of every person you work with and provide them with a pleasant memory to reflect on during those days of high stress.

Another example, most people work in environments that are often not relaxing, calm, or serene. However, when you work as a massage therapist, it’s your obligation to provide a calming atmosphere for you and your client. This lends itself to providing a therapeutic environment not only to your client, but also you, as a massage therapist.

What school you attended and what specific areas did you study?
In this section, you should indicate which school you attended, location, why you attended this school and highlight your favorite areas or techniques of study.

For example, mentioned that your school is accredited; that it has a student clinic where you learned and honed your trade; that it offered community service opportunities with hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities, to name a few. You should highlight the number of techniques that you developed a specialty in, such as, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Thai Massage, etc.

How long have you been a massage therapist?
In your success story, you should state how long you have been in the massage therapy industry.

What inspires / motivates you in the massage therapy field?
As with anything in life, inspiration and motivation is key to any successful outcome, specifically in a massage therapy career. This inspiration is what gets you up in the morning, helps you throughout the day, exuding your passion for the profession. It’s a great idea to demonstrate your passion then through your success story. Is it your passion to help people to rehab their body, mind, and spirit? Is it your passion to have a serene working environment? Is it your passion to know more about the human body?

Tell why it’s important to you to make connections with other massage therapists.
You meet other people who teach you things that you never could have been taught in school or from a book. You certainly learn more about massage and the human body, but also teach you about their experiences of life which builds relationships within the industry.

Connecting with other massage therapists also builds upon the Massage Therapy community within your area. You will meet some great people within this community that will last a lifetime.

Tell about a massage therapy teacher, peer, or mentor who made a difference in your career.
Share within you success story a person who you can say has been a great influence in your life, a person who has been involved in the pursuit of your massage therapy license, or someone who has mentored you during your career. This is someone who you’ve gained knowledge from all aspects in work and in life. Include in your success story this mentor and what they did to inspire you.

Tell about your favorite experience as a massage therapy.
In your success story this is a great way to relate a memorable experience to existing friends and the new people you will meet while in this industry. Summarize the situation you were in, what context, who was there, what was the issue, impact, and action. Describe what you learned and / or what you were able to teach.

Why did you decide to join a massage therapy association?
Including your membership to massage therapy associations or community of interest would be an important thing to include in your success story. Highlight the benefits of being a member, what you learn, how often you meet as an association, where are meetings held, where there any nationally known speakers, instructors, or innovators within Massage Therapy. Share what it takes to be a member within the many associations there are in massage therapy.

Tell how potential clients can find you.
Close your success story by having a way of people to get a hold of you. This leave a door open for future interactions, building friendships and rapport. Be as visible and available as possible. Connect with friends, clients through the social media networks and provide your contact information and client location.

Tell how you volunteer your service, i.e. silent auctions, corporate wellness events, etc.
As a massage therapist, you will find yourself providing volunteer services to your community. This is both rewarding personally, but also a great way to meet people, potential clients.

If you take the time to gather your thoughts on the areas above within your success story, you will be better prepared for your career in the massage therapy industry. You will be happy and successful not only in massage but also in life.

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