Using Local Events to Promote Your Offline Business

If you run a small business in your community one way to get more exposure is by taking part in business related activities in your area. You are trading your time for dollars but in exchange you are being given the chance to promote your business to a much wider audience.

Some of the best local events to participate in are ones such as trade fairs, country fairs and even local business conferences and meetings. If you join your Local Chamber of Commerce and attend monthly meetings, you are given the chance to introduce your business to other members. This alone can be a great resource to make use of.

If your area doesn’t have any type of business group, see if there is enough interest and form a brand new one. This will really help get you into the spotlight in your community.

Even if you live in a small town chances are you have some type of Country Fair at least once a year. Make a point of participating in the next one. Look at it as way of allowing people to get to know you and your business. Don’t worry if you come away without making lots of money. The meet and greet aspect is so important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Another way to get local exposure is by offering to speak at conferences. If you are a vet or dentist you could offer to talk about what you do and give out free advice to attendees.

If you have a local college or high school in your area offer to participate in career day. Or offer to give a free class or workshop about your business and how it can help those in your community. If you are an accountant you could give out some free tax advice, for example.

Many schools, nursing and retirement homes often hold silent auctions or fund raisers. Give a prize away for these events and tuck your business card into your gift basket.

When you start looking for local business events you may be surprised to see just how many events are taking place. Of course, you don’t have to be active in all of them. Just select one or two each year and make a point to always be in attendance.

Start now by searching out one local event and volunteer your time. The rewards you may reap could go far beyond just financial ones.