Winning Ways

Welcome: You are going to become a prolific goal setter and goal achiever. This system is going to methodically introduce you to the process of goal setting so you can create a lifelong habit of being a goal driven person. Less than 5% of the population set goals but that small group is among the most successful. If you do nothing else, implement this system into your life and watch in amazement at your own transformation in the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months AND beyond!

System:  This is a 12 month program delivered to you in as follows:

The Goal Achievement Guide – This is the document that you are currently reading. This guide will give you an overview of all of the various goal setting concepts for each month of our 12 month program.

The Goal Achievement Workbook – Each month has a specific set of recommended exercises. Each month you will refer to your workbook exercises to work towards the various goals you will set on this program.

The Action Log – The first 4 months of our program is focused on goal “setting” and not as much on goal achieving. This means that the workbook will have you doing a lot of planning and idea generation. It does specifically instruct you to take action. However, you are still encouraged to take action towards your goals at all times so, during the first 4 months, use this action log to track any activity you perform. In Months 5 – 12, the Goal Achievement Workbook will have specific action based steps so the action log will longer be required at that point but it can certainly still be used if you choose to do so.

Time Commitment: Every person will have a different amount of time that they can commit to their goals. The recommended minimum time is 30 minutes per day. This program is designed to break your goal setting journey into small daily chunks so that goal setting and goal achieving becomes a lifelong habit for you.

Usage: In this program, we include basic templates in MS Word, Pages or Open Office, depending on what you need. These templates can be copied into any format that suit your needs. For example, if you have an app on your desktop that you use for activity management, you can simply take the information from this program and paste it in.

However you choose to use the templates, be sure that you create a specific folder to save all of your work Call the root folder GOALS and then break your sub-folders into months. This will help you track your progress and revisit your work much more easily as you move forward.

Let’s get started…Month 1 – 100 Goals and 10 Passions

Objective: The first month is all about self discovery. So many people have lost touch with their true wants in life. Your wants tell you more about yourself than anything else. You now have permission to acknowledge what you WANT in life!

As you complete the exercises that are laid out in month 1, you are going to recognize something powerful. You have connected with the TRUE YOU! You are going to invest time every day this month into thinking about all of the things that are most important to you.

Work Breakdown: Each month we are going to break down into 4 weeks. While each month actually has more than 4 weeks in it (other than February), this is a system that uses a 5-day weekly approach. Make sure you can fit in the work appropriately.

The 100 Life Goals Exercises

Over the next 2 weeks, you are going to uncover 100 life goals for yourself. The idea here is to activate your imagination. Assume that you have all of the money you need and the resources you need to make things happen. Think of 100 things that you would like to have/do/be in your life time.

10 Passions Exercise

Over the next 2 weeks, you are going to spend some time really thinking about the things that make you come alive… your passions. Each day you will focus on one of your core passions and spend some time describing it. This exercise is powerful because you really get a chance to learn about your driving forces in life and what makes you feel and perform at your best.

NOTE – Be sure to use your Action Log to track all of your goal achieving actions that you took this month.